CDF: Auditing Feature is required

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CDF administrators need ability to audit all the modifications done to the projects, based on a selected time interval (for any time in the past). Auditing should be exhaustive enough to capture any and all details relevant to modifications done to the project, updates to user groups etc. The audit log should provide sufficient details on who made the modification, when the change was made, how the change was performed, location details of the user etc. etc. Auditing feature should also include the ability to track what data is being downloaded by end users from CDF, how often, amount and nature of data being downloaded per user, site, location etc. Auditing feature is of high importance to Celanese and as it has came up in discussions multiple times since the beginning of this year, we would like to see this added to the CDF roadmap in the very near future. 

 @Hunter Beck @piya dey @ibrahim.alsyed 

Hi Ram,

I see you’ve tagged Hunter already, but responding as a formality to let you know that your request is logged in our product management prioritisation system.

Hunter or a colleague will follow up on the request soon.

Kind Regards, Glen

Thanks for raising this @rsiddha! We are able to produce audit logs as-needed in the case of data breaches or other incidents that you / we deem critical. However, as of today we do not have a method for exposing these via an API or similar. 

Occasionally, the topic has come up with customers in regulated industries, but we have not seen critical mass yet to justify the investment in building this feature. Could you help me understand better what is driving the urgency within Celanese on the request?