Add a "microwave done" beep when a function has finished deploying in Cognite Functions

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Multiple times a day I have to upload code in .ZIP files to create Cognite functions.

This takes quite a few minutes so I start doing something else and end up forgetting about the function deployment for too long. 5-10 minutes of not noticing the deployment is done 10 times a day adds up fast.

In Python script thar run for more then 30 seconds I usually add a well audible "microwave done" beep at the end of execution. That helps a lot while multitasking.

My suggestion: Having notification sound at the end of function deployment would improve the UX of Cognite Functions.

NewGathering Interest

This might be a good use of the browser notification api,

Thank you for the suggestion!

This can be something that we can consider on our roadmap, for future development.