We've released the first-of-its-kind Industrial DataOps Book!

  • 8 October 2021
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We've released the first-of-its-kind Industrial DataOps Book!
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Did you know that only one in four industrial organizations extract value from their data? The lack of tools and processes to connect, contextualize, and govern the data often stand in the way of industrial digitalization.  


Industrial DataOps is a powerful new way of deploying data and technology to transform an industrial organization. It makes sense of, manages, and extracts value from complex industrial data. 

And it is is already becoming a driving force in industrial transformations, helping accelerate digital maturity, enabling data teams to deliver more digital products, and realizing more operational value at scale. In a 2020 survey of global companies, McKinsey found organizations that embedded DataOps could see the volume of new features increase by 50 percent because data automation enables quicker development iterations. 

At Cognite, we’ve released the first-of-its-kind Industrial DataOps book - a guide packed with insights, industry expertise and practical advice on how your organization can successfully adopt and scale Industrial DataOps to extract value from your complex data.

Get your copy of the Industrial DataOps book now!

Would you like a hard copy? We'd love to send you one. Send us an email at hub@cognite.com with your recipient information and we’ll send the book your way. 

The full book is also available for download for free: The Definitive Guide To Industrial DataOps

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