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  • 23 January 2023
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I'm sorry, I'm new to cognite and don't quite understand the basics. FDM is one specific model with data? And if I need several models (I mean models filled with data) with the same schema, then I need to create several FDMs and then transform the data into them?


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3 replies

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Hi, thanks for using CDF! 

What do you mean with several models with the same schema? What is the difference between the models in this case? How do you want to use the different models? 

Thanks for the quick response!)

For example, I created an FDM for a well, then did a data transformation and now I have a specific well for which I can query and get the necessary data (timeseries data for simulation, etc.). But if I have hundreds of such wells? Do I need to create a separate FDM for each?

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You would use the same data model for all of your wells. FDM tells you the structure of the data, and if all of your wells logically fits into that structure you are good to go!