Improve error message for debugging

  • 19 January 2023
  • 3 replies

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When working with CDF or Azure, sometimes I got some errors that were hard to figure out. Experience no doubt will help me figure them out faster, nonetheless this is an important part in enabling usability.

3 replies

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Hi Julietta, and thank you for your question!


Do you have any examples of error messages that are “less than helpful” you could share, so we can try to fix them? Alternatively, work with Cognite Support to collect the messages you find and manage the process of us improving them?

Thanks, and I hope this isn’t too detrimental to your experience with CDF!

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Hi Thomas,

Most of the errors I was getting were associated either to incorrectly matching groups and members in Azure, or because of indentation when trying to run some scripts; and when i was getting the error I had no clue about it since it only gave some kind of code or some message that did not indicate where might the process have failed or reason why. It is always very helpful when error messages can give a clue about what the possible mistake that was made by the user.

But nonetheless CDF is a great tool! Just thinking of what can be input into an already great technology!

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Hi again Julieta,

When you write “scripts”, you mean routines being run as CDF Functions, a Jupyter notebook, or something else?

Guessing that’s what you’re referring to(?), and I realize the indentation rules of some of the scripting languages can be a bit frustrating, as are the warnings/errors from the language interpreters.  Unfortunately, that specific behavior isn’t something we have a large degree of control over beyond passing on what they’re providing.


As for the codes you’re seeing, are these the status codes (2XX, 3XX, 4XX, and 5XX) and associated “hints” (when/where the hints exist)?