GraphQL Federation with Schema Services/Templates

  • 6 April 2022
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At release, will Schema Services support being federated into a GraphQL schema, like with Hot Chocolate or Apollo?  This is how we are planning to utilize combining what is available in CDF with what we are providing in our GraphQL schemas and I was assuming this is feasible.  But, a dev mentioned that the downstream services have to support being federated for it to be made available at the federation gateway.


If you are using Lighthouse for your implementation, then I see it has preview support for being federated, but I need to confirm you will configure it this way or whatever you may be using will support being federated.




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We will support some CDF endpoints such as timeseries. Then you can use a timeseries in your GraphQL schema. I think we’ll support joining schemas eventually, but that is further into the future.

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We have added this to our backlog and we eventually definitely want to support federation of graphql data models. Our first focus at the moment is to get the population, consumption, modeling capability, and getting the new service to at least Beta. For sure after then, we will explore these features, (our team has experience with Apollo federation, so hopefully it will be a small addition).