Build and Restructuring of Asset Hierarchy

  • 17 February 2023
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Cognite can automatically Build and Restructuring the asset Hierarchy to standardize the asset model across multiple manufacturing sites by using industry global standards.? Cognite can define the templates for asset attributes based on the technical object type as per industry global standards.?    

(Build - from capital projects to build asset hierarchy & Restructuring - Define the level of asset hierarchy as per requirement.) 



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8 replies

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Hi @EViswanathan and thank you for this question.

I’m not entirely sure if your question is whether CDF can take defined assets (ingested asset information) and after that order/link/update them automatically to match a specific standard?

Or, are you asking if we have standards based templates representing asset hierarchies that can be used when defining the asset hierarchy and then ingesting data into that standards based hierarchy model?


Or am I misunderstanding completely?

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@Thomas Sjølshagen  Thanks for your quick response.  Cognite can build Asset Hierarchy (Plant Breakdown structure) structure or cognite need the ready asset hierarchy structure?  

Asset attributes - Cognite is using any templates for meta capturing.   

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IMO, our asset hierarchy is extremely flexible and can be used to build whatever asset structure you need. Be it by linking assets in a tree, or creating relationships - Relationships resource. This includes enriching the hierarchy/linked assets using different other CDF Resources (with diagrams, labeling data - assets/relationships -, events of different types, Time Series being linked to assets that represent a sensor for instance, making annotations, etc). 


If you’re referring to our implementation of/how we have defined metadata for an asset, or a time series, sequence, file, etc - it’s essentially a JSON object of whatever structure you want. It’s size limited, but under the max size, it can have whatever structure you choose. 


Does this answer your question(s)?

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@Thomas Sjølshagen   Thanks.  Is it possible to push the created hierarchy from cognite to ERP,say SAP.

Because SAP is required more mandatory fields to build hierarchy.  Again if we have the built hierarchy in SAP, we can use it for CDF implementation.

I understood that cognite is having limitation to maintain the asset attributes.


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Hi again @EViswanathan,

We do not currently have what we call “write-back” support in the asset hierarchy based model - i.e. the Assets, Relationships, Labels, Time Series, etc APIs, but you could potentially write an application using our SDKs or APIs to pull data from CDF, and push to any system(s) and schema. 

Not clear to me what limitations you’re referring to?

Also, with the “soon to arrive” enhanced data model functionality, you could build your models to support whatever attributes or views you need to simplify this operation. 

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Hi @EViswanathan was Thomas’ last reply helpful, or would you like to share information on the limitations you’re referring to? 

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Hi @EViswanathan,

As of now, I’m closing this topic. Please feel free to reply to this thread if you need further assistance.  

Best regards,

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This will be great if we can write the asset hierarchy back to SAP