[Bug] Ghost labels

  • 27 June 2023
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There’s an issue if you create a label and delete it as you might not be able to reuse the same external_id ever again. Even if you first delete the asset or relationship that the label is conected to first and then delete the label, you end up with a ghost label. With some random exceptions(say in 1 of 15 cases it’s not an issue). It feels like a cache issue, but as we’ve seen over the last half a year or so, the issue seems to persists over several months.

For this example I’m using an empty dataset, I’ve created a label, tied it to an asset, deleted the asset and then deleted the label. The external id I’ve used for my label are now locked forever.


I then try to create the label, if not found:


Resulting in an error


This is a bug across the C# and the Python SDK.

4 replies

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The issue is related to support ticket #8268 that I posted previously. The temporary workaround was to never delete any labels, but it would be nice if @Cognite can revisit this, as we do sometimes delete labels and need to recreate them later. 

@Anders Nygaard @Kristian Nymoen I know this is very late (apologies for that!) but I believe the issue is likely because another label with the same external id exists in a different data set that you do not have access to. And that is why you don’t see anything when you list labels. Is there any way for you to confirm this hypothesis? 

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@sharat @Anders Nygaard . This indeed seemed to be the problem.

We have been using Cognite’s bootstrap CLI tool to set up datasets and access. It must have been a misconfiguration in the early phase of our CDF setup that caused this. 

I found the labels by manually setting up an access group with access not scoped to datasets.

Thanks for confirming @Kristian Nymoen ! Once again apologies for the (massive!) delay in resolving this, fell under our radar.