Push OpcUA Companion spec to FDM

I have a custom extractor that currently pushes types and instances to a FDM that is created by the extractor
What I would like to know is this. Is it possible for custom code (using the dotnet sdk) to push an OpcUA companion spec (eg, The mining companion spec, for example, or another standard like ISA95) to FDM?

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Hi @Adrian Dams,

We have forwarded your request to our engineering team, and they will respond to you in this thread. Please be aware that there might be a delay in their response due to the summer vacation period. We appreciate your patience during this time. Thank you, and feel free to reach out if you have any other inquiries. 

Thanks. Just to clarify my request, what I am wanting to do is to just call an API method that passes the nodeset2.xml file and then have the FDM created based on the content of the xml definintion

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You would need to convert the XML to something the DMS API can consume. We do not currently handle XML in the API for the DML data model endpoint, so that conversion would require tooling. It’s possible that NEAT could be helpful,  but I do not know enough about it to say for certain.