Elevate Your Profile: Level Progression and Badge Achievements!

  • 15 February 2023
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As you advance through our community, your profile gains new levels and badges, symbolizing your active involvement across community engagement, completed learning paths, and project experience. Your level and badges not only showcase your expertise but also contribute to building a strong brand presence for the company you represent.

Levels are awarded based on your all-time point achievement. When you earn a new level, the new level badge displays on your profile, and the name of it displays in other places where your name appears. Levels serve as a swift means to communicate both your expertise and your company’s standing in the eyes of fellow community members, customers, and partners, encompassing both knowledge and reputation.  
























You can earn points at all badge levels through various methods, including: Providing an answer that's marked as "Best Answer”, Creating a topic, Posting a reply, Liking a post or upvoting an idea, Receiving a like or a vote, Completing Cognite Academy trainings, and Gaining project experience.

Please note it’s a combination of community engagement, completing learning paths, and project experience, that adds up to the total points at a given level. Wile crossing the specific lower points limit may not result in an immediate level change, rest assured, the next level will be unlocked shortly. Here are the level badges available for you to attain. Take pride in your elevated status; you’ve earned it! 
























You have the opportunity to earn the following level badges: Active; Committed, Seasoned, Practitioner, Seasoned Practitioner, and MVP


A Few Noteworthy Items: 

  • When you sign up to the community, you start at the level New
  • Once you reach Level 4 Practitioner, you will gain a special community right to mark a response in a question as the right solution
  • Cognite Academy offers courses tailored to every skill level for data engineers and data scientists. Check out the latest offerings and take your expertise to the next level!
  • If you have project experience we’ve not accounted for, we encourage you to send an email to hub@cognite.com. Include a short description of the project, customer, approximate time spent, and performed tasks, and we will check if this experience qualifies you to jump to a higher rank

Check out the Leaderboard to see how inspiring and knowledgeable our Community members are. Happy learning and engagement! 🏅

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