More Number of false matches detections in Documents (Non PNID's) - Contextualization

  • 10 August 2022
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while we are trying to contextualize , the documents with Equipments’s list. 

The detections of false matches are more compared to Correct Matches for Non PNID’s documents.

Its just the standard model we are using. Please find the below screenshots.

Attached is the document , where every detect is a false match in it.

Please could you help us in eradicating the false matches.


Best answer by Philippe Bettler 23 August 2022, 20:50

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8 replies

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Could you indicate some matches that would be correct? It would also be easier to help if the raw file and asset names were given. 

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The correct matches which are expected are getting detected. but the concern is along with the correct matches there are more false matches coming up. This issue appearing apart from PNID documents. like where the diagram is hand drawing and not digitally written.

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I understood as much, but it says that all detections in the document are false, so would be nice to have some examples of good detections too. E,g. 14WF30 looks like a good detection to me though.


Could you please create a ticket and assign to and

I have already discussed the issue with them, Philippe and Ben both mentioned that they would speak about this with the Engineering team once the ticket is created.



@Ben Petree @Philippe Bettler Here is the link to the False Match Issue that we raised on Hub.

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This one might be what we want to do, but would be nice with some more details. 

@Ola Liabøtrø I don’t have access, is there a ticket# for this topic?


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@neelkantho.bose this is an internal system. 
@Ben Petree, can you please follow up with @Ola Liabøtrø  and update us on progress here?