Maintenance Windows for Assets and Files - June 2021

  • 22 June 2021
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Database migrations - assets and files

Cognite plans to migrate data from Cloud SQL databases in our Google Cloud-based CDF clusters in a two-week period starting June 25, 2021. We plan to migrate the databases containing data for the assets and files resource types. The migration for the two resource types will occur on different days.  We will email customers the exact time of the maintenance window for their cluster, CDF project, and resource type.  

Why is this database migration needed?

Cognite has recently made CDF available on Azure in addition to Google Cloud. The code running on Google Cloud is currently dependent on database options only available in Google’s public cloud.  Migrating these databases enables us to run the same code base in Google Cloud and Azure, allowing us to bring recent improvements in our Azure implementation to customers on CDF projects hosted on Google Cloud.   

APIs in read-only  mode

We will set the API for the impacted resource types in read-only mode during the migration to ensure data consistency. During the migration, users can read but not delete, create or update data for the impacted resource type. 
Transferring data between databases may take an hour or more - depending on the amount of data.  When we have transferred and validated the data, we will replace the containers serving the API from the old database with new containers serving the API from the new databases.  The read-only phase ends as soon as the new services are up and running. Cognite Engineering has optimized and tested the migration to verify that there is no need for a service outage beyond the read-only phase. The table below summarizes the impact on applications and APIs during the migration:



Assets migration

Files migration

Time series, assets, events

  • Update, delete and create will not function. 

  • Reading and writing time series and sequences data points continue to work.

No impact.

Files, 3D


Update, delete and create will not function.


  • Reading data will work.  

  • Updating or deleting will not

Upload, edit or delete images or files will fail.


Reading and navigating data will continue to work. 

Reading and navigating data will continue to work.


Feeding to sequences, time series and RAW will continue to work.

Feeding to sequences, time series and RAW will continue to work.


Existing dashboards will continue to work.

Existing dashboards will continue to work.

Additional Information

  • During the read-only phase, banners in applications will remind users that they cannot change certain resource types.

  • The switch from old to new databases happens after the migration is complete. There will be a few minutes of unavailability of the relevant API during this switch.

  • During the maintenance, we will update frequently. This page also provides an overview of all upcoming maintenance work.

  • Customers have been informed via their Customer Success Managers, and will have information about the schedule.

  • Cognite Support is available to explain the migration process further and assist you should any problems occur during the maintenance window.

Do you have questions to the above?

Please, ask questions to this post if you would like to know more about the upcoming maintenance.

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