Flexible data modeling has reached Beta

  • 1 November 2022
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We proudly announce that Flexible Data Modeling has reached public beta. Flexible data modelling in CDF enables you to model industrial data the way you understand it in a self-documented way so that domain experts can find, recognize and understand the data without a third-party manual.pdf. Your data is stored in one single knowledge graph, and empowers users to search, filter and aggregate data according to their needs through various data models on top of the knowledge graph. Flexible data modeling enables rapid scaling, whether it is building an app, data science model, dashboard, or other use cases, we hope that this capability can be a great toolkit in helping you to express data in the most intuitive way.

In the Beta version you can

  • Create and manage data models in Fusion and using a cli tool

  • Ingest data into the data model using CDF transformations

  • Query data using GraphQL with powerful search and filtering in Fusion or your own applications

with even more powerful features coming for the general availability release early next year. 

Check out the beta documentation to get started and be guided through an end to end example that gives you everything you need to create your own data model for your domain.

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