CDF/Cognite InField: Ability to send email to designated admin, when a User is restricted access

  • 15 January 2023
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Is it possible to configure in Cognite tools (like CDF & Cognite Infield) to send an email with the information on the user (to designate admin(s)), when a user trying to access the tools is restricted access to those tools, for not being part of the right security groups? Question posted on behalf of Celanese user access administrator.


Best answer by Kristoffer Knudsen 20 January 2023, 20:22

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1 reply

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Hi @rsiddha - thanks for reaching out. 

For Cognite InField this is currently not possible. I’m certain that it exists scenarios where it would make sense for InField to trigger an email, but unsure if this is one of those scenarios. But happy to discuss this more. 

For CDF in general we have multiple places where sending emails are triggered as part of a workflow, e.g. on extractors and AIR. However, I do not believe the scenario you are describing here is currently possible out-of-the-box.