How we protect your conversations

  • 12 October 2021
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How we protect your conversations
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All community content on Cognite Hub is visible only to members logged into the Hub. 


What does this include?

This includes any posts, replies, and answers you may provide. Content shared in private groups will still remain private, visible only to group members.

What does this not include?

Besides this article, we only keep the Product Updates section and two other articles in our Knowledge Base visible, to inform & help non-logged in users:


If you can reply or start a new conversation, you are in a protected environment.


To help you further with identifying if you are in a protected area, we have added indicators to all pages that you have access to & are able to engage with other users:



We hope this added layer of security will help you feel confident when you engage with your peers throughout the Hub. 

By the way: Have you learned anything new that you can’t wait to share? Are you struggling with a complex challenge that you’re finding difficult to solve on your own? Turn to our Developer Community, our User Community, or any of our Community Groups. The community is ready to help out. 

See you around! :wave:

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