What should we talk about when talking about robotics?

  • 2 July 2021
  • 3 replies

We are launching the 'Cognite Robotics' group in August!
There are so many exciting activities going on in the industry, so we want to know what interests you the most?

3 replies

I am very interested in automated project progress reporting - gathering data from many sources like drones, robots, IOT sensors, smart helmet, hololen, etc and compare that using 3D model of that project. 

Then using this to solve more use cases like

  • Automate reporting on Progress vs Actual
  • workforce management
  • HSSE
  • Work Order Optimization
  • Connected Worker
  • Construction Analytics


I would like to know more about the status quo of using mobile robots in the industry, how far have we come and have someone been able to scale properly using cloud? What use-cases are currently “hot” and what are the main challenges?

Thanks, much appreciated!
In the meantime please join the group here: https://hub.cognite.com/groups/cognite-robotics-165