Cognite Discover Release 1.38.0

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Cognite Discover Release 1.38.0

The Cognite Discover version 1.38 is ready and available.



  • In Stick Chart Viewer, 

    • Casing elements of shallow tracks now displayed with the deeper side tracks

    • Depth range for the casing display is common to all the side tracks

    • Some data have been checked for casing elements as liners in order to be correctly displayed.

    • Trajectory track 

      • presents the display of the inclination values at the casing shoe depths

      • Shows the North-South vs East-West views

    • Improved display of the datum value and its reference at the top left in the casing track

    • Correction of the overlap of submenu for events

    • Updated labels for the 

      • Formation Integration Test (FIT) and Leak Off Test (LOT) track. 

      • Event depth information

  • In Trajectory Viewer, views with same distance intervals for horizontal and vertical axes for East-West vs Total Vertical Depth and North-South vs Total Vertical Depth.


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