Cognite Discover Release 1.31.0

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Cognite Discover Release 1.31.0

The Cognite Discover version 1.31 is ready and available.

New Features & Enhancements 

  • In Stick Chart View, 
    • view of trajectory card as user option 
    • improved filter with inclusion of formation, trajectory and FIT/LOT next to Casing, NPT, NDS,  Section summary
    • view of LOT / FIT graph as user option
    • view of formation tops as user option
    • adjusted casing shoe design - reflected also in Casing view
  • Show wellbores meet / not meet the well filter criteria along with wellbore characteristics 
  • Other option added to the document feedback
  • Refactoring, optimization and code improvement

Fixed Bugs 

  • Well 
    • Syntax search: The "Clear all" button is resolved after entering the name of a well 
    • Stick Chart: Scatter view is now preserved when deselecting wellbores 
    • The field filter option refreshes properly after selection on field drop-down menu 
    • 3D: 
      • When click on `Others` button, left side panel getting disappeared
      • Objects are under the correct light with the option overlay 
      • When changing measurement unit, selected wells remains selected
      • Vertical axis are correctly displayed 
    • Table: Sorting by water depth is correct following data availability selection
    • Casing: Show Details when clicking on “Details” drop down after selecting NPT events option from list 
    • Trajectory: Change measurement unit from chart full view mode
    • Geomechanics: 
      • When pressure unit change, chart x axis label is changing according to selected pressure unit
      • NPT & NDS filter dropdowns are now closing automatically
    • Related document: The "Clear all" button is now active after entering the name of a well in the search box.
    • NDS events: 
      • Filters are kept even after change in measurement unit
      • Column values are correctly updated after change in measurement unit
  • Admin Settings
    • Correct code definitions page


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