Cognite Discover Release 1.30.0

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Cognite Discover Release 1.30.0

The Cognite Discover version 1.30.0 is ready and available.

New Features:

  • New well view tab: Stick Chart view with Casing information, NPT and NDS events in scatter view or in cluster view
  • In Geomechanics view,
    • Display NPT and NDS events next to Geomechanics curves.
    • Angle information is displayed.
    • Connect NDS / NPT scatter view to view toggle in Geomechanics
    • Zoom and selection for PPFG well page scale graph
  • In Well log view, distinct colors for logs
  • In 3D view, more readable well names on top of wells
  • In Well filter, data availability includes Hole Sections, Well Tops, Time Measurements. 
  • In Document filter, new filter for author  
  • Document feedback from Admin Panel with approve or reject feedback for document classification. Note that only 1 change of document type label is allowed per day.

Fixed Bugs 

  • In Map view, resolution of icon position for polygon search
  • In well filters, region remains selected when field is unselected
  • In Trajectories view, equivalent departure graph has been resolved
  • In the NDS Events view, sub types can be deselected in Risk type & subtype filters.
  • In Geomechanics & PPFG view,
    • no more duplicate errors
    • Leak of Test (LOT) data is now visible 
    • connect NDS / NPT scatter view to view toggle 

Very nice layout team! Any images of the 3D? I am looking fwd on users feedback !

Please see in 3D view, Non-Productive Time events in blue, No Drilling Surprise events in green along the wellbores as well as some well logs.