Cognite Discover Release 1.29.3

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Cognite Discover Release 1.29.3

The Cognite Discover version 1.29.3 is ready and available.

New features:

  • Ability to set the legend for Non-Productive Time (NPT) codes on the Admin Settings
  • In 3D View, the unit is now displayed for the measure distance option
  • New feature, called ‘view mode’ to overlay multiple wells for trajectory comparison
  • Improved colors for the NPT events
  • Adjustment of favorite option with star icon inside well map card
  • On the document feedback,
    • the company name is shown below the username
    • administrator can choose to assign a ticket to another administrator.
    • Administrator’s name is searched dynamically as user types the name.
  • Well result table shows KB elevation, Dog Leg Severity, Measured Depth and True Vertical Depth to understand the results of the corresponding well characteristic filtering.
  • Improvement of No Drilling Surprise (NDS) clusters visible next to the Casings data
  • Development of NDS Tree view
  • When opening a favorite presenting well only, the favorite opens directly on the Well tab
  • New tooltip component and Improved stability following dropdown component update

Fixed Bugs

  • On casing view, resolution of the overlapping texts with casing elements or other texts
  • On 3D view,
    • improved readability of NPT and NDS event description
    • Depth values and unit are properly displayed as a function of the unit setting
  • Fixed the clear of the document selection
  • Zoom in and out on the map resolved
  • Minimap works to show exactly location much better now
  • Corrected the original path for the metadata of documents
  • Search and close options remain close to the polygon when zooming in or out the map.
  • Fixed the search on the exact page number for documents
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