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  • 29 October 2021
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Welcome to the CDF Fundamentals Discussion!

This discussion is dedicated to help learners of the Cognite Data Fusion Fundamentals learning path succeed. If you’re struggling with the exercises in this learning path, try the tips & tricks below or post a comment with the challenge you’re facing. You can also post your own tips and respond to fellow learners’ questions. Cognite Academy’s instructors are also here to help.



2 replies


Some tips:

  1. turn off blockers in your browsers (if you have any)
  2. “network issue”… yess, the system is overloaded … refresh & try again, and again ;-)
  3. you see “selected recipe is invalid...” message? Your preview failed (98% network issue). Try again, or just go ahead.
  4. “failed to lock this transform” message? probably the transform is finished (check the dataset) if not, run it again. [yes, the same network/overload issue]


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Thanks for sharing these great tips, @BBB! Refreshing the page or trying again indeed usually does the trick.

Previewing the transformation is a best practice we strongly recommend. However, as you’re saying: if there’s a network issue, don’t worry. You can skip the preview step and continue with the course.

Good luck with the rest of the path and the assessment!