No columns without new information in the bid matrix

As a production planner, I want a bid matrix that is easy to read, or at least not more complex than necessary. I have understood that the total matrix is supposed to be filtered for columns without any new information, but that is not always the case. I want filtering on the plant matrixes as well.

We are fixing this right now 🙂

NewPlanned for development

This is now implemented (but not deployed to prod environments yet - you may check it out in your dev environment - I sent you a link on Slack).

Note that the partial bid matrices (per plant) are not processed to be used in bidding - I would say they are presented as an intermediate step in the calculation of the total bid matrix (per price area). On the total bid matrix we have added extra columns (steps) to avoid interpolation, and reduced the number of price columns to observe the maximum limit set by NordPool. Adding steps (extra columns) to partial bid matrices would be simple to do, but it would reduce readability (twice as many columns). It would also be possible to apply the reduction of prices to the partial bid matrices, but that must be coordinated across all partial bid matrices (as it is the total number of price columns per price area that counts), so it is a bit more involved.