Cognite InField: Status states for manual checklist not marking complete

On behalf of Celanese Clear Lake R&D InField Super Users:

  1. When creating a manual checklist in InField, if you select a manually created state for a checklist item InField does not mark the checklist item as complete. However, if you select the default “Ok” state for the item this then marks the item as complete. Is this as designed? 
  2. Checklist item marked with manually created state
    Checklist item marked with default “Ok” state


@Kristoffer Knudsen or @Nicklas Lind - are you able to answer this question for Celanese?

Hi, sorry for the late reply. 

Yes, this is how it is designed. This feature was developed quite some time ago, and at that time we were unsure if checking a custom state should actually mean that something was “done” and thereby count as a “task completed” out-of-the-box. One way this was used was as underlying steps to complete some job, e.g. step 1, step 2 and finally”ok”. 

However, this logic can be discussed. Do they have a particular use case in mind? 



Thanks for the response! @Kristoffer Knudsen 

I believe it was more understanding what the manual status states were originally intended for. If they were designed to be more ‘pre-requisite” states in completing an item then that make sense. In terms of a potential use case brought up by the user see the example below.

If creating a “housekeeping checklist” to walkthrough tools/inventory, the user usually has a checklist of items that are yes/no questions. The user intended to utilize the manual states function to create “Yes” and “No” options to complete these items.

  • All tools properly stored in storage cabinet? (Y/N)
  • Tool storage cabinet locked? (Y/N)

👍 Makes sense, thnx! In that use case I would assume they want each step to count towards the “completion”? 


NewGathering Interest

Hi @crgomez13 thanks for your great suggestion! I’ve converted it into a Product Idea so please continue the discusson with @Kristoffer Knudsen and his team in this thread. 🚀