Allow to add meta data on file upload using CDF UI interface

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Hello team, 

Today if user wants to attach meta data while uploading the file using CDF UI interface it is not possible. 


There is only option to attach data set id, No option to attach meta data. Today it can only  be done by using CDF file API offline. 

We need an option to attach  meta data to file upload using CDF UI.

Hi Pooja,

Thanks for your request.   So for clarity, you wish to be able to upload a JSON file, which would contain metadata pertaining to the file you are uploading, to be stored in the Files service?

One benefit of uploading the metadata via API is when performing a bulk operation, reducing the risk of inconsistencies in metadata structure across multiple files.  When uploading individual JSON objects, the risk of inconsistency may increase.

However, I’ve passed on your suggestion to the appropriate Product Manager and we will come back to you if we need any further information.

Kind Regards, Glen

Hi Glen, 

Yes, for bulk upload API is good. But in some cases when user is uploading the document and he needs to attach the meta data. In this case if we have capability in the UI to allow user to add meta data then it will be better.


Pooja Sinha

OK understood, thanks Pooja.  Your request has been logged in our feature prioritisation system and the product manager responsible for the upload UI should be in touch if there are any follow up questions.