Size limitiations in RAW

  • 4 June 2021
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I use RAW as a cache system for sensors that come from BACnet (BAS systems) Since it extremly slow.

This have worked for some time now, But now CDF would give me a internal server error.. 
When this error accure, there is no help what so ever on what the problem is.

After debugging, It seems i have reached a size cap on a row (5 MB)  but the table have a size cap of about 5 GB (Unconfirmed)
So after i included a size check of my data, I chunk it up and spread it out in the rows

As fare i can see, this limitiations is not mentioned in the docs so here you go, Liberate your data!

1 reply


Thanks for reaching out!

That is vaguely described here:

TL;DR: each column stored inside RAW can be up to 5MB; as for the request to RAW, you can send up to 10’000 columns (in other words, 50GB) per request.

If you’d like to store more than 5 MB in a column, please have a look at our Files API :)