Limitations on asset subtree queries

  • 9 July 2021
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When parsing a large production model some high level concepts we want to filter on are structured as assets. I.e. a fiscal region for power in the Statnett case. 


Our model is now hitting limitations of subtree queries. With more than 100k assets per region for some regions. What is your thinking around how to handle such cases in a model? 

To spike the conversation we’ve considered moving high-concept parts of the tree to labels, or making more of the DB type of operations locally. 

However, the former demands a pipeline for moving concepts suited for a tree  to a Label “just because”. The latter requires quite a lot of iron present on the local instance processing the query.


An instance of the SDK quering we do can be seen in the power-SDK in github.

2 replies

Hi Robert,


We understand the limitation you have experienced in filtering assets with the "assetSubtreeIds" option.

However, we don't have this limitation for root assets. If the total size of the given subtree exceeds 100000 assets and the asset is not a root asset, this error will be returned.

We will also check for other possibilities to handle such cases.




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Hey, has there been any follow-up on this? 

We would like for there to at least be no silent failures on this error, as is currently the case for the fusion front-end.