Whitelisting of Elastic-queries

  • 5 September 2022
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Almost three years ago we made a feature request regarding search. Specifically we want to:

  1. Have support for paging.
  2. Do grouping on metadata-fields.
  3. Define which fields yields relevance to the search-results.
  4. Inclusive search-terms using AND instead of OR.

I do understand that satisfying the search-requirements of all your users is a daunting task, but perhaps it would be easier to let us do the job instead?


I believe it would be very beneficial if we were able to access ElasticSearch directly in some manner.

And please keep in mind that the data itself defines relevancy. No two customers are alike and therefore a good generic solution likely doesn’t exist.


@Knut Vidvei @Andreea Pastinaru 

2 replies

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Hi again, Henning!

Thanks for giving us this feedback. Based on the feedback that we’ve gotten over the years from customers, our engineering team is actually currently working on improving end-to-end user search experience in Data Explorer. 

While we expect to address most of the customer issues through the help of advanced query language and other features (search, filtering, aggregation), we do not plan to provide direct access to the backend Elastic.

Hope this helps!


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Do you have a timeline for when the new functionality will be available in the JS SDK?