Synthetic timeseries API does not support "sum" aggregation

  • 16 November 2022
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In grafana, we want to display total of all timeseries data-points for all assets connected to particular asset for which we are passing query like this:

ts{assetSubtreeIds=[{id=$Org4}], name='oil-production-rate'}

where value of $Org1 is coming from dashboard variable.

and since cognite grafana plugin does not handle cursor api responses and synthetic timeseries api have some limitation in returning 10k records only in a request, to reduce number of data-points, we are trying to use aggregation: ‘sum’ and granularity: ‘30d’ since there could be more than 10k data-points.


But its is throwing error saying “sum” is not valid aggregation type of synthetic timeseries.


Any reason why “sum” aggregation is not supported for synthetic timeseries.

(screenshot attached)


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Hi Mithul, I have replied to this question in the ticket 6916. Please refer the ticket for my answer. 

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Hi Mithul, as mentioned in the docs the aggregate must be one of interpolation, stepinterpolation, or average for synthetic time series. We are currently only supporting mentioned aggerates for synthetic time series. Although if you want to add sum as an aggregate, you need to add it as a feature request. 
Please submit your feature request here, by clicking the Give Product Feedback button. Once you have submitted your feedback, you will now also be able to track its progress!