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  • 12 August 2022
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I have retrieved timeseries from an asset in PowerBi. That asset is linked through a relationship column to a group of assets. However the asset and the group it belongs to are connected trough 4 steps:

groupwanted <- belongsTo - subgroup<- belongsTo - type of group <- connectsTo - group of a few timeseries assets<- belongsTo - timeseries asset


Im wondering how to link the relationships in power bi, and how to orient to the right place. 


Best answer by Ankit Kumar 7 September 2022, 14:27

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4 replies

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Hi @Andreas Aandahl Ranje can you please clarify more in details (like with some table examples), Power Bi has got it own sets of limitation when creating relationships. With Cognite Data Fusion resource types (ie. assets and timeseries) you have Asset ID column to link between Asset and Timeseries. 

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This is the problem, and the solution. The externalId in one table is the source_externalId in the relationship and then the target_externalId in the relationship equals the externalId in the third, view image



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Cant you have a 1-1 relation between generating unit and Schedule resource’s external Ids. You can move one of the many to one relationship with Relationships table.


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Hi @Andreas Kimsås,

Just following up here from my side. Has what Ankit suggested above helped you?