How to retrieve specific Miros weather data for a given asset ID?

  • 22 September 2022
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Hi all!

I am trying to obtain weather data from Miros for a given asset ID. I am experienced in Python, but new to CDF, and don’t have access to a lot of practical examples of common tasks and patterns. So I thought I’d ask here to speed up my work :) 

What would be best practice for the given scenario (given in detail to try to avoid the XY problem)?

I am going to work on some root cause analyses, and the starting point is likely to be an asset that failed multiple times for the same reason in the past. I want to fetch different types of data for this asset, such as maintenance history, relevant metadata, and weather data at its location during the relevant time window. This will eventually make its way into a simple graphical tool that I can use at the start of new root cause analyses.

I have been playing around with retrieving an asset object based on its id or external_id. This seems to be fine. Then I notice that weather time series from Miros are connected to assets. But how would I go about getting a particular type of weather data (for example wave height data) for this particular asset? I thought the “way” would be

asset_id → root_id → retrieve weather time series by filtering on root_id and type of weather data of interest. The last step here I am not able to do.

I appreciate any help and guidance from more experienced CDF-ers than myself! :)


Anders Brakestad


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Hi Anders,

The best way to filter/retrieve the particular type of weather data depends on how it is represented in CDF. In general, it is common to encode data features like weather type (and other descriptors) as metadata and/or labels on the time series. 

In this particular case, however, we recommend that you get in touch with the Miros weather data owner at AkerBP as they have the best insight to how this data is represented in your case. For example, you could try contacting the AkerBP CDF Operations team.