""Cognite Data Fusion" Plugin not available under Azure Grafana Labs

  • 21 November 2022
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Hi Team,


 We have deployed Grafana on Azure using Grafana Labs available under Azure Marketplace.

We need to install “Cognite Data Fusion” Plugin, but the plugin is not available, and we are unable to install it.

Could you please let me know how to install “Cognite Data Fusion” Plugin for Grafana labs on Azure.

PFA screenshot for the same.


Also, please let me know any alternative ways to deploy grafana on Azure which has “Cognite Data Fusion” Plugin already installed.


Thanks & Regards,

Swati Mane

3 replies

This is an ongoing discussion with Microsoft to include custom connectors in their managed's on the roadmap of Microsoft to include CDF connector in managed grafana services


@Ankit Kumar : We are taking about this grafana (screenshot) under azure marketplace. Are you considering same for your reply? The reason I am asking is because there is also called “Azure Managed Grafana” for which too we do not see cognite data fusion plugin in plugins section. 

No, The Managed Grafana service is different from the one you mentioned above.

In order to be able to install / uninstall / update plugins using plugin catalog, you must enable it via the plugin_admin_enabled flag in the configuration file. Before following the steps below, make sure you are logged in as a Grafana administrator.

also check the env-variable:

- name: GF_INSTALL_PLUGINS             value: "cognitedata-datasource 2.6.0"