Remote App - Time Series trend window, cursor detail items window, tag name too short, value has > 10 decimal places.

  • 16 June 2022
  • 2 replies

I was looking at trends in the Remote App web version, using the cursor to touch tags. The detail pane shows the tag name(s) and current value where the cursor x axis crosses. The issue is the tag names are cutoff and mostly unreadable, the tag value is showing almost 10 or more decimal places. I would like to see the whole tag name and 1 or 2 decimal places, or use the signficant digits from the PI Server in the first place.

2 replies

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Hi @CLKRL2 and thanks for your feedback. 

Just to make sure I'm understanding, could you send a screenshot of an example when the tag names being cut off? 

We've heard the same feedback about providing too many significant digits on the tag value tooltips. We are working on making this a customizable setting so you can choose how many you'd like to display. We've received feedback from others who need to have as many significant digits as possible, so letting everyone choose for themselves is the best solution. As soon as this is available, I'll reach out and let you know. 

Finally, how many significant digits are displayed in the PI server?

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Hi @CLKRL2 , I just wanted to follow up on my questions above. Do you have any examples or screenshots you can share to give us some more context?